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My Dog Family (Dual registry AKC/UKC)

8Hr old puppies

7 Week old male.

Puppy 1 day old.

Kiki's and the new pups.

Kiki the proud mother!

1 Week old pups.

The complete pup family!

The pups @ 2.5 weeks old.

The 9 week olds

Two pups ready for their new home!

Jumper boy!


 Samples: Some of the puppies we had, @5 weeks old.


Here is a small example of my dogs.

Psst... hey are they looking at us?

Take me home!

The Boys

Champion Taylor

Grand Champion Katie

New puppies!


Little Man

Champion Taylor

Grand Champion Katie


Where is that Taco Bell dog?

Grand Champion Katie

Grand Champion Katie

Katie as a puppy

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